Mobile Marketing and How QR Bar Codes Coming to a Shelf Label in the Store Near You

qrcode_pazynych_iteratorA QR code—a type of bar code that anyone can scan using a smart phone and a free app—directs the phone to a Web site or other content. While manufacturers will likely be adding QR codes to product packaging as the technology catches on, Jeff suggests forward-thinking retailers seize upon the possibilities now, and apply QR codes to the shelf edge as part of their mobile strategy. Just think how shelf-edge QR codes could instantly provide shoppers with coupons or relevant information such as country of origin, recipes, and the like.

Other interesting uses I’ve seen or heard of lately include several restaurants with these codes in their windows. You scan the code, and it takes you to a Google Reviews page where you can read what other people thought, see the menu and hours of operation, and get the link to their website if you want more information. There was a billboard that was just a large QR code. This approach will work while the idea is new and still clever, but will probably fade as they become more common place.

tesco-qr-codeAlso, Campbell-Ewald, the winner of the Time Magazine ‘Selling Detroit’ contest, used a QR code in their ad, which will now appear for free in Time Magazine. Although I’m not sold on their ad being the best of the contestants, I really do appreciate their forward thinking, and it likely played a huge role in their winning of this contest.

The global retailer Tesco is the third largest retailer in the world measured by revenues and the second largest measured by profits but it is the first in the world to publish its QR Code campaign statistics in real time. In what can only be called a stroke of genius Tesco has QR Coded print ads (image below) for “Call of Duty - Black Ops” with the url shortener so that anyone can see the campaign statistics (image below). The QR Code resolves via the url to a page were the game can be preordered.