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Useful information
Choose the right scanner
Since the purpose of a scanner is to scan items, first determine what type of items will be scanned.
What is the physical size of the item being scanned? Is it a bulky box, or grocery products that can be easily lifted onto a checkout stand? How heavy are the items?
How you answer these questions will determine if you need a fixed-mount scanner or a portable hand-held scanner. Often a combination of both is needed. A scanner that sits in a cradle while stationary, but which can be lifted out for portable scanning, could be a wise choice.
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Ribbon Selection Guide
Thermal transfer printing is the technology of choice for producing high quality labels. Designed especially for label printing, thermal transfer ribbons produce sharp, high-contrast, long-lasting label images with excellent bar code scannability. 
Thermal transfer ribbons consist of three important elements: a protective backcoating, a synthetic film, and the thermal transfer ink. Proper backcoating is important. It extends the life of the print head.
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