New receipt printer SAM4S GCUBE for retail and hospitality

We present POS hardware from SAM4S company - a proven leader in the production of POS cash register equipment and receipt printers. In Poland you can find SAM4S GCUBE in Codeon company  and in Ukraine en Iterator company 

Back in the mid-1990s, SAM4S began offering cash register peripherals to the market. SAM4S hardware was designed from the ground up to meet enterprise hardware requirements. Now SAM4S develops and produces POS systems and a wide range of POS peripherals, cash register monitors and receipt printers. Based on more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of equipment, SAM4S products are known in the global market primarily for their reliability as well as functionality.

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Zebra is proud to introduce the MC9300 Industrial Rugged Handheld – The Next Evolution in the MC9000 Series

mc9200Zebra is proud to introduce the MC9300; the next evolution in the highly successful MC9000 series. The MC9300 preserves the best polestars of the MC9000 while introducing a new technology platform that has the power to run applications with highly intuitive interfaces that will further simplify processes and increase worker productivity in the toughest environments. It is important to note that the Zebra MC9300 will be offered in both Premium (full features) and Standard (basic features) models. The introduction of the MC9300 does not signal the end of life, nor does it replace the MC9190 family of products. The MC9300 and MC9200 will coexist in the marketplace, further detail on the Zebra MC9300 model options and positioning of the MC9XXX series is provided in the remainder of this bulletin.

The MC9300 incorporates the latest generation technology platform – MPA 3.0 – offering application investment protection when transitioning from prior generations of platform-based products, and is positioned to support future applications as they become available. Our best-in-class data capture options give your customers the most scanning options to meet their business needs. To further protect customer investments, the MC9200 will be fully compatible with Motorola’s extensive suite of MC9000-G accessories.

Motorola Solutions announcing the Launch of the MP7000 – Multi-Plane 1D/2D Bioptic Imager

MP6000 clear png

Retail customers can get their high-volume POS lanes ready for the customers of today and tomorrow with the МP7000 Scanner/Scale. With this multi-plane bioptic imager, cashiers can capture virtually any 1D or 2D bar code in practically any condition, with blazing speed — whether it is printed on a paper label or a plastic loyalty or gift card, or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone. And the modular design allows retailers to add a Customer Side Scanner to capture mobile bar codes displayed on a shopper’s mobile phone, plastic loyalty cards and more; a handheld scanner; EAS; while providing expandability for future requirements, such as an RFID reader. The result? Higher throughput and fewer abandoned sales, as well as a great last impression that will foster increased loyalty and return visits.

Minimize breakdown and maintenance costs — there are no moving parts in the scan engine, reducing power consumption by at least 30 percent; its capacitive buttons won’t wear out. Omni-directional scanning plus a 6-sided 720° coverage zone — just swipe and go. Optional Customer Side Scanner allow customers to simultaneously scan their own loyalty cards, coupons, impulse buy items and bar codes displayed on their mobile phones — can be added at any time.

Motorola’s Advanced Data Capture Division is pleased to announce the release of a new Micro Kiosk product, the MK3100

Motorola’s Advanced Data Capture Division is pleased to announce the release of a new Micro Kiosk product, the MK3100. The MK3100 is a multi-functional Micro Kiosk with an 8” WVGA display that enables enterprises to put the power of self-service in the hands of their customers—delivering an interactive and compelling customer experience. With its slender design, enterprises can easily deploy multiple units at strategic locations in a variety of markets. The MK3100 is ideal for large and medium sized enterprises to improve customer satisfaction, deliver powerful self-service solutions, influence consumer buying decisions and increase employee productivity, and in certain instances it helps to ensure compliance with local government regulations. This will allow store associates to be redeployed to enhance their productivity and boost store revenue.

Because you can scan electronic bar codes on a computer screen, you can connect to the one personal device that is nearly always in the hands of your customers – their mobile phone. The result is convenience and value. Customers always have their loyalty cards, coupons, boarding passes and more on hand all the time, saving time and money.

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