Zebra is proud to introduce the MC9300 Industrial Rugged Handheld – The Next Evolution in the MC9000 Series

mc9200Zebra is proud to introduce the MC9300; the next evolution in the highly successful MC9000 series. The MC9300 preserves the best polestars of the MC9000 while introducing a new technology platform that has the power to run applications with highly intuitive interfaces that will further simplify processes and increase worker productivity in the toughest environments. It is important to note that the Zebra MC9300 will be offered in both Premium (full features) and Standard (basic features) models. The introduction of the MC9300 does not signal the end of life, nor does it replace the MC9190 family of products. The MC9300 and MC9200 will coexist in the marketplace, further detail on the Zebra MC9300 model options and positioning of the MC9XXX series is provided in the remainder of this bulletin.

The MC9300 incorporates the latest generation technology platform – MPA 3.0 – offering application investment protection when transitioning from prior generations of platform-based products, and is positioned to support future applications as they become available. Our best-in-class data capture options give your customers the most scanning options to meet their business needs. To further protect customer investments, the MC9200 will be fully compatible with Motorola’s extensive suite of MC9000-G accessories.