An expert team of Iteratonia’s in-house engineers is available to custom fit applications to your business needs, whether it is a simple application or a full-scale enterprise rollout. We propose our clients to maximize profitability, increase return on investment and achieve competitive advantage by implementing mobile solutions.

Whether your company decides to go with simple inventory solution or with solid Warehouse Management System or Container Terminal Management System – you can rely on us. Iteratonia offers a variety of affordable software packages, and develops custom software applications to work with any Auto-ID equipment. Our team of engineers are highly skilled and experienced and it allows us to provide solutions on time and on budget. With a large base of existing code, we can quickly and economically produce the application software you need. We have built both batch and wireless applications. A batch application requires that the handheld device be placed in a cradle to synchronize its data with a host database. A wireless application uses a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi network) to communicate in real time with the host database.

Our solutions are manageable in terms of cost and functionality and are well suited for the smaller, midsized company and bigger companies. The resulting stream of real-time data enables true control over processes and procedures and allows standardization and streamlining for greater productivity, accuracy and profits.