Wireless Hand-Held solution gives you possibility of being able to serve customers on the move.

Fast, flexible and easy-to-use way to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

With Mobile Waiter you have the freedom to enter guests' orders directly from their table.  Waiters improve productivity, since they serve customers and not waste time walking back to the computer. Restaurants achieve differentiation, customer loyalty and increased up-selling through high-level service delivery. Software helps to eliminate order errors, forgotten orders and missed tables. Whether indoors or outdoors, wireless point of sale gives you the same easy to enter order without the cables and cumbersome machines.

Mobile waiter simplifies the ordering process, supporting the waiter and customer and allowing such benefits as:

Waiters need only leave the floor to deliver food from the kitchen, allowing them to constantly attend to customer needs

Orders can be placed at will and are instantly transmitted from device to kitchen.

Customized prompts ensure the waiter consistently provides impeccable service from greeting to farewell

Standard dishes can be easily modified to accommodate any customer whim.

Waiters are alerted through their device when table orders are ready.