By using our wireless collection device you can improve efficiency in many fields. Mobile devices are now light, compact and capable to send the information as quick as wired devices. Latest technology means utilization of current industry & technology standards and information receiving in real-time. Streamline in-store and warehouse operations (inventory, receiving, shelf-labelling) based on batched, Wi-Fi, RFID technologies.

A key benefit of Mobile solutions is the elimination of costly, inefficient paper work. We convert it to a mobile handheld platform and, using intelligent technology, we guide the user to ensure the proper completion of a given task. By digitizing and validating the information it is made immediately available throughout the organization in real-time. Mobile solutions streamline in-store and warehouse operations (inventory, receiving, shelf-labelling) based on batched, Wi-Fi, RFID technologies.

Design allows you to add to or change application.

Save Time and Money - cut data entry out of your day. Data entry during receiving takes up valuable time and can be automated using bar codes and data capture terminals. Later, the data is synchronized with the database. This also ensures accurate data, eliminating costly errors.

When it's time to take your physical inventory, our Mobile Solution makes the task fast and easy - even for inexperienced employees. We combine time tested data collection techniques and ease of use in our handheld software. A great deal of human error is removed from the equation.

Improve Shelf Control with shelf-labelling software. Software manages professional shelf edge labelling. You would not need a back office stock management system to use this efficiently. Using mobile label printer you can print label with new price right at the shelf.

Mobile Solutions are used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Inventory Management
  • ;Asset management
  • Price Management
  • Markdowns
  • Order Picking and Staging
  • Putaway
  • Replenishment
  • Store Transfers
  • Guided Selling
  • Computer Assisted Ordering
  • Employee Training
  • Walkie-talkie / Voice / VoIP / Push to Talk
  • Task Execution
  • Managers Workstation (Task Management)
  • Line / Queue Busting
  • Receiving
  • Returns
  • Serial numbers control
  • Mobile shopper
  • Gift Registry