The early days of a project are always important. In today's demanding project delivery environment companies are under pressure to rapidly establish plans, isolate deliverables and deliver quality products. The main problems start at the beginning through lack of proper planning. Too many projects are over budget and over time for this reason. Take the risk out of your next project. Later in the project it becomes more difficult to make changes. Prepare the ground with clear plan. Our responsive and trusted services are delivered by our experienced stuff. Choosing the right partner to minimise risks and maximise rewards is the key to success. Our services, such as Software Evaluation and Selection, RFР or requirements statement preparation, Business processes defining, Project scoping give the project manager the opportunity to look at and assess the project before it becomes formally "live".
Software Evaluation and Selection
Choosing and implementing a software solution might be more complicated than it seems at first glance. Time, budget, and functionality are the most important metrics you need to consider.  But upwards of 60 percent of companies fail to consider that completing a project on time and within budget means nothing if the software itself doesn't meet the needs of the organization.
RFР or requirements statement preparation
Our outside consultants use software selection methodology that would help you tackle the problem of choosing the right software for your needs. At the end we prepare the RFР or requirements statement, a list of evaluated functionalities, which provide a snapshot of what you truly need. You could then take these requirements to vendors and leverage them. Using the RFP you can identify some gaps between what you need and what you are able to get out of proposed systems. There can be a number of functionalities in the systems, but you will not utilizing them effectively for different reasons.
Business processes defining
To understand your software requirements you must define your desired-state business processes. These are recommendations of needed steps from best-practice software selection projects: 
Defining current processes
Describing changes or additions to existing processes that improve business results
Conducting review, analysis, and validation to ensure that requirements are clearly and completely described and aligned to your business objectives.
Prioritizing your needs in terms of what you would like a new software system or application to address: What are your "must-have" versus "nice-to-have" application features and functionalities?
By having your requirements thoroughly and accurately defined, you have a solid basis for such requirements for success as time, budget, functionality. Define your requirements with the help of specialized professionals and you will meet the needs of your project.  Besides mentioned below request for proposal (RFP) preparation, requirements planning and business process defining you can benefit also from such best-practice services as project scoping and project management.
Project scoping
Project scoping is the activity in which you try to determine the domain of the project. At this stage you have to establish what the project is there to achieve and by when. When finishing this activity you will have the Scope Statement document, which provides a common understanding of the project among stakeholders. To successfully define scope you should start with an agreement on the outcome or deliverables. The outcome is the change that will occur when the project is complete. Much of the time, a scope estimate is made based on a requirements document without any attempt to translate that into deliverables. In addition, Scope Statement may include Product Acceptance Criteria, Project Boundaries, Assumptions and Constraints, Schedule. As a result you will have the information that you need to complete the Project Plan.