Complex, radio frequency-rich environments such as industrial production facilities, retail and office complexes, distribution centers offer particular challenges to the uninterrupted wireless flow of critical data. The only way to get a true picture of how an access points will propagate its signals throughout a building is to do a wireless site survey. A proper site survey provides detailed information that addresses coverage, interference sources, equipment placement, power considerations and wiring requirements.

An WLAN Site Survey determines the optimal number, placement, and configuration of access point to provide the required radio frequency (RF) coverage in the desired areas of your facility. While it is true that many of today’s access points and other components of the wireless infrastructure are close to being “plug and play”, and will work adequately “out of the box” in very simple, RF interference-free environments, it is also true that in today’s world, there are very few RF interference-free environments! There is only one way to be sure that what you want is what you will get a guaranteed-results WLAN Site Survey. And if your critical business activities depend on the integrity of the performance and coverage of your wireless infrastructure, you need to be sure.