Industrial printers

High-performance, built-to-last industrial printers are legendary for their rugged durability, consistently outstanding print quality, fast print speed, long life, and unparalleled reliability in demanding applications and harsh environments. These qualities translate into low total cost of ownership—making them a smart investment for organizations with high-volume, mission-critical or specialty labeling applications.

What sort of environmental conditions will the printer encounter. Industrial printers, for example, are specifically designed for harsh industrial environments and have sealed cabinetry to prevent dust from interfering with operations.

What is your daily label output? High-performance industrial printers are designed to operate continuously, during peak print cycles or non-stop for 24-hour cycles in difference from desktop and midrange models, which are better suited for lower volume, intermittent printing.

Print speed is an important consideration if you require a high volume of labels to be printed daily or during peak cycles. Print speed is an element of “throughput,” which is the time lapsed between receipt of the print command and completion of the printing process. Throughput depends not only on printing time, but also on label formatting time (i.e., the time required to convert the program and data to an image on the label).

Depending on the complexity of the label format and the printer’s ability to process this information in an efficient manner, label-formatting time can sometimes cause significant print delays, affecting a printer’s overall print speed capability. Such delays can be costly in productivity if they occur in a production environment where time and on-demand print capability are of the essence.


zebra-220xi4 170xi4For chemical-drum and other wide-label applications, trust the enhanced 220Xi4 with advanced printer management tools.

Designed to produce large labels up to 8.5” (216 mm) wide at 10” (254 mm) per second at 203 dpi and 6" per second at 300 dpi (152 mm) resolution, the 220Xi4 is ideal for industrial applications—chemical drum (HAZMAT) identification labels, pallet/container shipping labels and product identification labels for large rolls of paper or textiles.
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zebra-220xi4 170xi4The enhanced 170Xi4 is ideal for tough applications including compliance, product identification, and pallet labeling, either on demand or in batches.

In addition to providing 6.6” (168 mm) wide labels at 12” (305 mm) per second, Zebra’s 170Xi4 product has been enhanced to provide.

The industrial-strength 170Xi4 with 203- or 300-dpi (8 or 12 dots per mm) print resolution can print large volumes of labels, promoting greater productivity with fewer roll changes. Or it can execute intricate, high-resolution print applications at a quick 8” (203 mm) per second.

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zebra_110xi4 140xi4Zebra's super-fast durable and reliable 140Xi4 combines ease of integration and mission-critical reliability.

Another addition to Zebra’s Xi4 product line is the 140Xi4. Built on the proven Xi series platform that is known for rugged durability and performance, the new Xi4 brings several additional features to high-volume, mission-critical applications and environments that require 24 x 7 operations. Building on these high-performance hallmarks, the Xi4 now provides several new features and benefits.

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zebra_110xi4 140xi4For mission-critical and 24/7 operations, every minute down means money out the window. Turn up your uptime with Xi4 printers from Zebra.

The long-proven Xi series platform is designed and built to work nonstop, all day, every day. Rugged, heavy-gauge steel housing and metal interior components brush off bangs and bumps. Enclosed operating mechanisms block out debilitating dust and dirt. Durable metal printhead mechanism delivers outstanding print quality over the long run, reducing or eliminating downtime for printhead replacement.

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