data capture terminals

Workstation computers may be ideal for sharing instructions with operators who remain in one place. But when it comes to materials handling, products and operators are on the move.

Data Capture terminals or mobile computers that communicate wirelessly with a host computer system over a facility's WiFi network enable associates to receive work instructions and capture information in real time wherever the work gets done. In addition to communication, workers can key data into a mobile computing device.

That's why mobile computing is the foundation of any automated data capture solution, regardless of whether the system scans a bar code, reads an RFID tag or uses voice technology.

There are two main types of mobile computing devices:

  • Vehicle-mounted radiocomputers are designed to work with lift trucks and walkies. A vehicle-mounted computer will usually have a bar code scanner tethered to it. Both will communicate wirelessly to the network, which is what gives you real-time capability.
  • Ruggedized handheld devices are available in a variety of form factors, depending on the job. Order pickers carry an integrated handheld device that includes a scanning engine for bar codes or a reader for RFID tags. Supervisors who are not scanning as often as an order selector may carry mobile computers in a PDA form factor.

Whatever the form factor, today's mobile computers are nearly as powerful as a desktop.

Today, you're able to run the applications you need on an Intel-based platform running an open system like Windows, Windows CE and Windows.Net in a device that fits into the palm of your hand.