Hand-held scanners

Hand-held scanner is the simplest and least expensive barcode scanner available. It can be CCD or laser. CCD scanner is "human powered," which means that it must be held at the proper angle.

CCD barcode scanners use an array of tiny light sensors lined up in a row in the head of the barcode reader. But most CCD scanners have two primary limitations. First, it has a short "read" range, and a limited width. Laser hand-held scanner is the most popular bar code scanner. A laser bar code scanner need not be close to or touch the bar code to do its job. A standard range laser bar code scanner can read a bar code from about 6 to 24 inches away, and a long range scanner can read bar code from about 2 to 8 feet away. An extra long-range scanner can read a bar code 30 feet away. Laser barcode scanners vary in price from $200 to $2,000 and come in a variety of models. They can use single-line scan pattern or multiple line scan pattern.

MS 9590 Voyager

ms9590Honeywell’s MS9590 VoyagerGS hand-held, single-line laser scanner increases productivity by offering an aggressive solution for scanning all standard 1D bar codes. This new form factor makes the scanner ideal for a variety of applications, including retail point-of-sale, office automation and healthcare settings.

The VoyagerGS ensures speed and accuracy by combining patented automatic infrared activation technology with an enhanced depth-of-field. This scanner also includes Honeywell’s patented CodeGate® technology which easily completes data transmission with a single trigger pull.


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LS 4208

ls4208With the Symbol LS4208 handheld laser bar code scanner, you’re able to effortlessly speed throughput, even with bar codes in poor condition. The Symbol LS4208 delivers intuitive, productivity enhancing functionality that allows even your novice users to quickly capture data. Its innovative multi-line rastering scan pattern virtually eliminates the need for end-user training, and lets you scan all types of one-dimensional (1D) bar codes, including damaged symbols or stacked GS1 DataBar (formerly RSS) bar codes.

Designed for constant, rigorous use in retail, office and light industrial settings, the Symbol LS4208 provides you with reliability you’ll be able to depend on. Along with a 6 ft. drop spec that allows the scanner to keep on running even after dropped repeatedly to concrete, the Symbol LS4208 also offers single circuit-board construction.

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QD2430 QuickScan

qd2100The Datalogic QD2430 QuickScan image barcode scanner is a product that is perfect for use in retail and office environments plus activities associated with couriers and postal services. The QuickScan barcode scanner series is Datalogic Scanning’s value line of general purpose handheld barcode scanning products.

The Datalogic QD2430 QuickScan I linear image barcode scanner is small, lightweight and its ergonomic design is comfortable to use during daily operations. It offers snappy reading performance especially on hard to read bar codes and is capable of reading a wide range of symbologies including the majority of 1D codes plus GS1 DataBar™ linear codes. The Datalogic QD2430 QuickScan I linear image barcode scanner features Datalogic’s exclusive patented "Green Spot" for good read feedback directly on the code. When placed in the Gooseneck stand, the Green Spot remains on to show the operator where to position the code for quick and intuitive reading.

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QS 6500

6500The QS6500 linear imaging reader is the highest performing corded member of the QuickScan family. Designed for retail, office, healthcare and light industrial applications the QuickScan QS6500 reader offers excellent performance and durability at an affordable price.

The QS6500 features an excellent depth-of-field and snappy reading performance with speeds up to 450 reads/second. It easily reads the most common 1D bar codes while also offering the ability to read stacked codes like PDF417, Micro PDF and UPC/EAN stacked composite codes.

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MS 9520

ms9520Honeywell’s MS9520 Voyager® hand-held, single-line laser scanner offers aggressive scanning of all standard 1D bar codes. The Voyager series of hand-held, single-line bar code scanners have united form with function in becoming the industry benchmark for value and performance.

This sleek scanner features patented automatic infrared activation and decodes all standard 1D bar codes, including GS1 DataBar (formerly known as RSS codes). For presentation scanning, Honeywell offers a stand with automatic in-stand detection technology.

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DS 2208

ls2208The Zebra DS2208 handheld scanner from Zebra Technologies offers high performance scanning at a moderate price point. From the retail point-of-sale and backroom to the patient bedside or school book checkout, the Symbol DS2208 provides fast, reliable scanning in a durable, lightweight form factor, delivering enhanced productivity and efficiency while reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO).

DS2208 is engineered for continuous, heavy usage all day, every day and has been tested to withstand multiple 5 ft./1.5m drops to concrete. The patented single board construction eliminates a common point of failure – the interconnection between multiple boards, and the liquid polymer scan element delivers integral shock protection to further ensure reliable operation.

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