Radioscanner is for factory or warehouse applications where the cable/cord restricts movement. In a harsh environment where the cable can get damaged and make your scanner system inoperable, cordless scanner is the best solution. In shipping and receiving applications where the cable denies access, cordless scanner is the answer. In retail applications where a cabled scanner limits access beyond the counter area, cordless scanner is the solution. Cordless scanner is ideal for scanning heavy, oversized or bulk items that are difficult to place on the counter at checkout.

PowerScan PM8300

The PowerScan™ PM8300 cordless laser scanners are Datalogic Scanning’s premium line of rugged industrial handheld data collection products for linear codes. The PowerScan PM8300 series includes different models able to satisfy all customers’ needs; the PM8300 is the basic cordless model; the PM8300-D intermediate model includes a display and 3-key keypad; and the ultimate PM8300-DK model features a display and a full 16-key keyboard.

The PM8300-DK model significantly increases the sophistication of interaction with the host system and opens up new potential uses of the scanner, making it suitable for applications that would normally require a more expensive portable data terminal. The mobile phone-like keyboard allows for the manual entering of bar codes that are not readable and enables easy management of simple code-quantity applications like inventory, picking, receiving, etc.

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CS 3070

CS3070 offers batch mode as well as real-time bar code data transmission to a host application via a wireless Bluetooth® connection to smartphones, laptops and more. Managing the data in batch mode is easy. Once connected to a host, the batch data can be configured for automatic transfer to an application. Since captured scans are placed in a user-definable standard ASCII file type, the information can be easily utilized to populate order forms, spreadsheets and inventory lists. The result is a new level of affordability for 1D scanning — and the ability to streamline, error proof and simplify more business processes.

The non-volatile memory ensures that batch data is retained. Built-in business durability provides a low TCO. IP40 sealing, a 1.2 m drop specification and the ability to survive 500/0.5 m consecutive tumbles combine to ensure dependable operation. And 12-hour Bluetooth mode battery cycle time insures well over single shift scanning performance on a charge.

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LS3578 FZ

ls3578The Symbol LS3578-FZ cordless scanner provides fuzzy logic technology, enabling you to rapidly and accurately read damaged, dirty and poorly printed one-dimensional (1D) bar codes often found in industrial environments. In the yard, warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing plant or retail store, the Symbol LS3578-FZ offers superior performance and reliability as well as a user-friendly form factor that helps ensure comfortable use over long shifts. Plus, integrated Bluetooth provides reliable and secure wireless data transmission between the scanner and host.

With no cord between the scanner and host, employees can move freely throughout their work environment, increasing productivity and efficiency while keeping supply chain inventory up to date at all times. Plus, having no cord reduces downtime from cable breakdowns -- a common point of failure in handheld devices used in industrial facilities.

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QS 6500 BT

qs6500btThe QuickScan reader series is Datalogic Scanning’s value line of general purpose handheld data collection products. The QS6500BT linear imaging reader is the highest performing cordless member of the QuickScan family.

Featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology and a 10 m / 33 ft cordless range, the QS6500BT can eliminate the cables that limit operator movement and create safety concerns in the workplace. Optionally, the reader can transmit data to the host through its base station as well as any commercial or embedded Bluetooth® 2.0 compliant device.

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