2D scanners

At least three types of labels are found in industrial settings today. 1D, or linear, barcodes are the familiar arrangement of black and white lines and spaces used to create the Universal Product Code (UPC). In a warehouse or manufacturing plant, a bar code may also be used for other purposes, like identifying a storage location in a rack system.

2D bar codes come in a variety of forms, but common to all is that information is encoded both vertically and horizontally. A 2D bar code is typically used when you need more information than can be contained in a 1D code. In the pharmaceutical industry, for instance, you might need a date and lot code in addition to a product code. Direct part marking is a technique for applying a unique identifier directly to a part that can be used in the future for tracking and tracing.

Laser scanners, which read 1D bar codes, are the most common. These devices read bar codes in conjunction with an oscillating mirror that automatically moves the beam back and forth across the bar code.  Imaging technology can also read 2D bar codes and direct part markings and is beginning to take a larger share of the market. Image systems capture an image of the bar code, much like a digital camera.

DS 6700

The Symbol DS6700 is your choice if you need to capture images as well as scan 1 and 2 dimensional barcodes. DS6700 is built to read omni-directionally, improving your employees productivity with higher first pass scan successes.

Symbol DS6700 enhances employee productivity and streamlines business processes in retail, government, manufacturing and more by combining an onboard 1.3 megapixel camera with high performance scanning features and superior digital imaging technology.
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Gryphon 2D

With rich feature sets and extensive model options, the Gryphon product series from Datalogic Scanning represents the premium level of data collection equipment for general purpose applications. The Gryphon Desk 2D Plus reader series have enhanced optics with improved ‘motion tolerance’ allowing codes placed on fast moving objects to be easily and quickly captured, creating the ideal reader for tasks requiring high throughput like those found in retail and light industrial environments.

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MS 9544 PDF

Metrologic MS9544 VoyagerPDF ® is the hand-held, single-line laser scanner that offers aggressive scanning of all standard 1D bar codes, including PDF. Metrologic’s MS9544 VoyagerPDF maximizes checkout efficiency with aggressive scanning of all standard 1D bar codes, including PDF codes. VoyagerPDF is also well-suited for light manufacturing and warehouse applications.

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