DS 6700

The Symbol DS6700 is your choice if you need to capture images as well as scan 1 and 2 dimensional barcodes. DS6700 is built to read omni-directionally, improving your employees productivity with higher first pass scan successes.

Symbol DS6700 enhances employee productivity and streamlines business processes in retail, government, manufacturing and more by combining an onboard 1.3 megapixel camera with high performance scanning features and superior digital imaging technology.

Whether you need to read 1D, 2D or PDF417 bar codes, the Symbol DS6700 Series provides true point-and-shoot bar code capture — there is no need to orient products to the scanner window, and a viewfinder ensures the image is properly captured the first time.

By accurately reading all bar codes, the Symbol DS6700 allows you the flexibility to use one device for all applications. And with the optional intellistand, you can easily switch between hands-free and triggered scanning. With its ability to scan and transfer images, the DS6708 lets you eliminate paper by creating electronic records.

Technical Specifications

Light source

Aiming: 650 nm laser diode

Illumination: 630 nm LED

Image (Pixels)

1.3 Megapixel: 1280 pixels H x 1024 pixels V

Decode Capabilities

Reads standard 1D, 2D, PDF-417, Micro PDF-417, RSS codes

System Interfaces

DS 6707: RS-232, USB

DS 6708: RS-232, USB, KBW, IBM46XX

Dimensions (LxWxH)

166 х 119 х 71 mm


0,182 kg

Operating Temperature

0°С to 50°С


IP 41


Designed to withstand 1.8 m. drops