The Electronic Sales Assistant That Brings a New Level of Customer Service, Convenience and Savings.

Information kiosks is the electronic merchandising tool that gives you a strategic advantage in today's busy, competitive retail environments. Installed in key locations throughout your store, kiosk occupies very little space yet it allows your customers to quickly and easily verify the latest prices on bar coded merchandise, without seeking the store employee.

For price checking kiosk integrates bar-code scanner but information kiosk is more than a price verification terminal: it's an eye-catching scrolling "billboard" with enhanced text and graphics capabilities for promoting sales where they have the greatest impact.

Information any-place kiosk is ideal for a wide range of applications. Customers can obtain on-the-spot assistance and customized promotional offers. With just a quick scan of a product bar code, customers can verify price, check stock or place an order. A quick scan of a loyalty card enables the instant presentation of special pricing for items based on buying behavior to incent additional sales. And the same customer-facing tool can provide employees with right-now inventory information, work schedules, time-clock functionality and more.

Featuring simple touch screen navigation information kiosk allows retailers to deploy applications that engage customers and enhance the shopping experience - right at the point of purchase.