The Zebra MC2700 is a lightweight mobile computer combining barcode scanning with data entry to give users a high-value and cost-effective device. Use the MC2700 to give light industrial and retail locations excellent enterprise mobility, collecting both scanned and manually entered data during inventory, price checks and other data-intensive applications where speed and accuracy are essential.

Designed for applications in light industrial, retail, government or warehousing and distribution centers, this device tracks your inventory more efficiently and accurately — increasing the speed of your operations and improving response to customers.

The Zebra MC2700's simple-to-use design and rugged durability reduce training and maintenance costs while improving user satisfaction and productivity.

Lightweight and slim
                  Increases end-user satisfaction and productivity with a comfortable, easy-to-use design.

High-quality scanner
Captures data accurately to improve productivity and operating efficiency.

User-accessible SD Card slot

Offers flexibility to expand storage volume or connect wirelessly.

Rugged design for light industrial use
Enhances product lifecycle with less downtime: Designed to withstand multiple 4-foot (1.2-m) drops to concrete and up to 500 1.65-foot (0.5-m) tumbles, while IP54-rated sealing protects against water and dust for reliable performance in a variety of environmental conditions.

Supplies ample storage capacity for applications and data.

From the sales floor to the backroom, the Zebra MC2700 Barcode Terminal has what it takes to affordably automate the capture of data at the point of work giving your workers the tool to get the job done both quickly and accurately.

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